Wednesday, 26 November 2014

TuShare Allows You to Share the Love Sustainably!

Did you know that 37 million parcels are sent from person to person a year in Australia? I certainly didn't! 

That is until earlier this week when I received a pot of dirt delivered directly to my door. No it wasn't a random prank, it was a sustainable gift from the folks at TuShare! Upon opening the card I found some rosemary seeds for me to plant in my new terracotta pot (apparently rosemary is a big favourite of Australian bees). 

If you haven't already heard of them, TuShare is an online marketplace where everything is free. Launched in December 2013, TuShare is Australia’s fastest growing sharing platform which helps products find their next owners, avoiding waste and landfill in the process. As they say themselves - "We believe in generosity and gratitude". How cool is that? So I was pretty chuffed to receive a handwritten letter from Co-­Founder and CEO James Bradfield Moody along with my new pot and seeds. 

James Moody - CEO of TuShare

In the letter I discovered that the team behind TuShare have just launched Sendle, Australia's first fully certified carbon-neutral delivery service. The pot of dirt I received is representative of the 3kg of carbon that Sendle offsets for every package sent. It's also the amount of carbon released when a package travels by road from Brisbane to Perth! Sendle is working with the folks at Climate Friendly to support projects to offset their delivery emissions: one in Tasmania, and one in Ghana. You can read all about them here

You can connect with TuShare via their Facebook and Twitter and Sendle via Facebook and Twitter.  


  1. I am still unsure of whether my stuff should go there or a thrift shop. Because too many things at thrift stores go unsold and clothes are made into dishrags, but at least low income customers pick from the things. Do the proceeds from TuShare go to good causes? Is TuShare more generous to good causes than charities with thrift shops?

    1. Hi Jacqueline! Thanks so much for reading Kindness by Design :)

      Regarding TuShare, their CEO James Moody says "TuShare is a BCorp, which means that we align our business model with our purpose to reduce landfill. All the profit currently goes back into building reuse infrastructure". You can check out their BCorp certification here >>

      They're also currently exploring how they can work more with charities that align with their core values.With Sendle they're also looking to provide logistics services to charities. I hope all that helps Jacqueline :)

      KBC x

  2. Replies
    1. It's a great idea isn't it Mary? :) So nice to be able to send things without creating a big ecological footprint.

      KBC x