Friday, 30 September 2011

Loving Ethical Shopping is LovingEco!

LovingEco is the exciting new kid on the ethical fashion block. Combining impeccable style with environmental awareness and giving back to the community, I believe LovingEco has a very bright future indeed!

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing President and Co-founder of LovingEco, Melinda Moore. 

Melinda Moore - President & Co-founder of LovingEco

Q. How would you describe LovingEco in ten words or less?
The top eco-fashion and natural beauty discount site, exclusively for members.
Q. What eco-fabulous brands will you be showcasing this month?
In the coming weeks we will be featuring fashion from Groceries, Kristinit and Vaute Couture, jewelry by Mata Traders and Viola Living Jewels, shoes from Neuaura, beauty from Modern Minerals and Hurraw!, and many more stylish and sustainable brands.

LovingEco is the epitome of style + substance

Q. What are the three most important steps LovingEco has taken to reduce its own ecological footprint?
1. We only work with brands that live up to our high ecological standards and label each product with attributes such as recycled, biodegradable, cruelty free, or energy efficient, giving consumers as much information about their purchases as possible.
2. We package all of our shipments in recycled or reused materials.
3. Each week, our tastemakers select one of the charities we work with to receive 3% of net proceeds from our sales to create a sustainable way to give back. We work with environmentally and socially conscious charities including Farm Sanctuary, Wholesome Wave, Global Green USA, Stand Up To Cancer, Village Empowerment and the Environmental Media Association. 

LovingEco's Summer Tank 'Style for Change' - Made from a unique blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and naturally occurring rayon. 100% of net proceeds go toward the cause of your choice!

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your Tastemakers concept?
Each week, we highlight different eco-conscious entrepreneurs, bloggers and celebrities that serve as role models and conscious leaders to their fanbase as LovingEco tastemakers.  The Tastemaker curates a small selection of their favorite pieces offered on LovingEco for that week, giving our customers a starting point for their shopping. Our Tastemaker also selects which of the charities we work with will be receiving 3% of that week’s net proceeds.
Q. What is your advice for any eco-friendly brands out there that would like to be featured on LovingEco? 

Contact us! We are always looking for stylish, new eco brands to feature on our site. Email us at

Q. How do you see LovingEco evolving in the future?
We are excited to offer our members discounts on home decor items as well as some fabulous gift items for this Holiday Season. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Green Man

The modern eco-conscious man comes in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and so does the contents of his wardrobe! No longer the lonely realm of the long-haired hippie in his pajama-like hemp ensemble. I've hunted and gathered a selection of chic green apparel just for blokes - 

Trooper Cap by 3Fish - 100% fairtrade and organic cotton
Panda Boxer Shorts by WWF - 100% organic cotton and 100% panda-riffic!
Cream Organic Men's Cotton Tee by Forgotten Souls - Made in India this shirt contains no chemicals or bleaches and  is dyed using medicinally rich plants
Men's Multi-stripe Fly Front with Evergreen Piping by Pants to Poverty - Made with fairtrade and pesticide-free cotton and proceeds from each pair sold go toward Pants to Poverty's new child labour free programme in India
Organic Surf Shirt designed by Pombero - This stylish surf shirt was made in South America by a group of artisans consisting of 380 families using traditional techniques infused with a modern aesthetic. Available online at La Nativa
The Torpedo Cufflink by Elvis & Kresse - These uber-cool cufflinks are made from decommissioned fire-hose. Available in red, yellow, blue and black. Etched personalisation is also available, making these a fantastic and very unique gift for the man who has everything ;o)
Men's Earth Lolly T-Shirt by Cause + Affect - I love the fun yet thought provoking design! 100% organic cotton grown in India by a fairtrade co-operative with the weaving conducted in an International Labour Organisation certified factory
Cashmere Tie by Borne Again - This funky tie has been handmade using recycled and reclaimed materials and lined with cotton. Learn more about Borne Again 
Plenty More Fish Men's T-Shirt by THTC - A great looking shirt with an important message about over-fishing. The awesome print was designed by graffiti artist Mau-Mau. Made using organic cotton certified by The Soil Association grown on wind farms...umm did I mention it was awesome?! Available online at The Natural Collection
Pico Henley from Alternative Apparel - Classic and comfy
Charcoal Impact Shoe by Kustom - This good-looking skate shoe is made from recycled, renewable and low-impact materials including hemp and PET bottles
Rangefinder Tee by Hippy Tree - Brilliant bold print
Time Traveler Oxford Shoes by Olsen haus - These elegant sustainable and vegan shoes are an essential component of a truly eco-chic wardrobe. Available online from Brave GentleMan
Think Earth Eco-Heather Crew Tee from Alternative Apparel -Made with a unique blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and naturally occurring rayon. Also 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this comfy tee go towards Global Green USA
Men's Mussel Tee by Invertebrate Clothing - I heart this tongue in cheek design created by a bunch of arty marine biologists!
Slate Chinos by Sonja Den Elzen - These fab organic cotton chinos come in a gelato-like palate of slate, salmon, khaki, gray, black, white and brown. Made exclusively for Brave GentleMan
Recycled Lego Cufflinks by Retro Links - These super fun cufflinks are made from vintage and 2nd hand lego pieces, perfect for guys born in the 80s. I think they're awesome :o)
Beautiful Stains Tee from Blake Hamster - 100% organic cotton with an original design flavour
Eco Label T-Shirt by Rapanui - A trendy homage to eco-labeling! Made from 100% organic cotton in a wind-powered factory audited by the Fair Wear Foundation
Green Stripe Polo Shirt by Silverstick - A great everyday shirt made with organic cotton certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard
Men's Hemp Fine Stripe Everyday Knit Top from Braintree - For those days when the whether isn't hot or cold but cool-ish. Made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton
Purple Strip Shirt by Culturata - This Italian label proves that you don't need to compromise on style and craftsmanship to wear sustainable clothing!  
Organic Aloe Gel by SolRx - Perfect for the outdoorsy guy, whether  you're a surfer, snowboarder, footballer or just like pottering about in the garden
Gray Classic Bowtie from Brave GentleMan - This gorgeous tie was hand-tailored in New York under fair trade conditions and includes both organic + recycled materials. Take The Doctor's advice...Bow Ties Are Cool!
Men's Fairtrade Jeans by Rica Lewis - These fairtrade certified cotton jeans are a classic and versatile addition to any wardrobe
Pine Duffel Bag by Billabong - Made from recycled hemp and organic cotton this bag works perfectly for a weekend away, a trip to the beach or carting your footy gear to the oval
Men's Staghorn Coral T-shirt by Invertebrate Clothing - This marine design was inspired by the symbiotic relationship between corals and their plant-like zooxanthellae. I love it!
Bamboo Boxers from Braintree - They look good and being made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton...I bet they feel pretty good too!
Drop Seeds Not Bombs Tee by Rapanui Clothing - Clever use of design + organic materials = awesome tee!
Tipton Belt from Braintree - Need a belt to go with your organic fairtrade jeans? No worries mate, check out this 100% hemp pant-holder-upper!
Organic Cotton Men's Dress Shirt by boll Organic - A sustainable wardrobe doesn't start and finish with casual wear, keep eco at the office too! 
Acetate and Bamboo Aviator Sunglasses by Unitdot - Designed by Cyrus Wong to give a green-twist to a tried and true silhouette 
Recycled Tyre Wallet by Traidcraft - Brilliant way to turn something useless into something practical and hip! Traidcraft is a fairtrade organisation that has been fighting poverty through trade since 1979
Men's Eco Fashion 'Powered' Tee from Excentree - A great organic tee for coffee fanatics...fairtrade of course ;o)
Backyard Chino Shorts by Nike - Made from a combination of 66% organic cotton and 34% recycled polyester herringbone broken twill. A stylish pair of shorts
The Solis by Keep - Made with yarn dyed Japanese twill this is an extremely versatile shoe
TV Signal is Gone Tee by mmhmm - Quirky design on an organic tee from this exciting Polish label. Available online from Blue Caravan
Recycled Fire Hose Wash Bag by Elvis & Kresse - Who would have thought an eco-friendly wash bag could be so rugged and manly?
Eco Fashion Turquoise Polo Shirt by Excentree - Great casual polo made from organic cotton and sporting the vivid Excentree logo
Red Bodhi Seed Tee by Ciel - Love this striking design! 100% fairly traded organic cotton. "Bodhi" is the Sanskrit word for "awakened"
The Ramos Geologist Shark Shoe by Keep - Marvelous marine pattern designed by Abby Portner. Profits from this shoe go towards the Socorro Island Conservation Fund
Eco-Comfort Socks from Earthtec -Can you believe something so comfy was made from recycled plastic bottles?! 
Men's Bamboo Bike Tee from Bamboo Body - Modern forms of fossil-fueled transport are taking a massive toll on our environment. Don this eco-tee and jump on the bike rather than hopping in the car
Organic Track Shorts from 4-rth - Perfect for the gym!
Geo Tee by Bellus Frux - Organic cotton tee with an eye-catching design. Very urban-chic!
Double Breasted Coat by Edun - This is such a beautiful coat & very hip. Learn more about Edun's commitment to attracting trade to Sub-Saharan Africa
Recycled Macbook Sleeves in Jade and Green/Black by Excentree - Funky covers made from recycled print blanket. No two are the same!
Natural Selection Men's Crew from Green Label Organic - A very cute take on an established image!
Ace Fedora from prAna - A different take on a fashion classic
Men's Fitted Tee by Certton - This 100% organic cotton tee is one of those faithful friends that can go anywhere with you
Organic Cotton Tote by Earthtec - Perfect for holding veggies from the Farmer's Market or beers for the BBQ
Organic Bird Tee by Bellus Frux - Another great design from this Australian label
Noggin Beanie by Element - 100% organic cotton. Eco-tastic way to keep your ears nice and toasty :o)
Straight Pant by Edun - Classic cotton pant with an urban feel
Action Pants by Cottonfield USA - These organic cotton pants were made for comfort and ease of movement during tai-chi, meditation, dance, yoga or martial arts
The Guerra Black Denim with Yellow Plaid by Keep - Funky + Fun
Recycled Polyester Backpack from StyleSac -A great eco-option backpack 
Just Say No to Pesticides Apron by the Environmental Justice Foundation - Fatherly advice from Robert Thompson. A fun and meaningful apron for men who love to chef it up in the kitchen