Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kind Events: Thrift Shopping 4 Positive Change!

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her"
~Marcelene Cox

Last week I had the great fortune to attend 'Fashion Hound' Faye De Lanty's first ever VIP Thrift Shopping Tour in support of the Australian Red Cross

Brooke and I enjoy some sparkly pink Henkell-Sekt (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
I arrived with new ecofashion friend Brooke Hahn - Founder of The Beautiful Think - and was struck by how amazingly high fashion the Red Threads store in Paddington looked! Before I could look around properly, a camera crew asked us to go back out and come in again so we could be filmed.  During this second 'arrival' I felt like an awkward robot trying to pass as human! ;)

Despite being camera shy I was thrilled to be wearing the organic bamboo 'Tyakuwa' (Indigenous Australian for 'celebrate') slouch dress by Witjuti. Such a great mix of sophisticated and comfy! I paired this with the Tagua nut jewellery I nabbed at an artisan market in Ecuador and my bag made by women in Rwanda with proceeds going to the Kinamba Project (has plenty of room for thrift-shop purchases!). 

This has to be one of the most beautifully presented thrift-stores I've ever seen! (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
Faye is an amazing lady who is committed to promoting accessible planet friendly fashion. Here's how she describes herself and her mission:

Am hopelessly addicted to aesthetics (aka Shiny Disease) and have a never ending thirst for style. So in an ode to my beloved Beagle – the eternal hunter-I search the globe for sustainable style, ideas, inspiration and beautiful things to share here on Fashion Hound. I am a huge fan of vintage, charity shopping and love myself a bit of DIY! I believe that where possible we should re-use, recycle, re-invent and re-write the followed fashion path.
Faye De Lanty aka 'Fashion Hound' (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
Faye has decided to start a series of VIP Thrift Shopping Tours that will combine ethical shopping fun, ecochic styling opportunities and giving to a great cause! I can tell you the first one was a blast!!! There's something truly delightful about raising money for charity while nabbing some sweet vintage threads. Not to mention hanging out with like-minded ecofashionistas while receiving the VIP treatment!

There were goodies galore! (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
A real highlight for me was getting the chance to talk to some inspiring ethical designers that I'd never met before. I look forward to sharing their eco-design stories with you very soon! It was also fantastic to see so many people supporting the concept of thrift shopping. There's far too much waste happening in our fast-fashion world and reusing clothing is a fantastic alternative to buying brand new items.

Getting to know some fabulous local ethical designers! (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
Excitingly Faye has just announced that planning for VIP Thrift Shopping Tour #2 is already well under way! It's set to take place on September 11th at the Australian Red Cross store in Newtown, Sydney and will include a DIY Denim and t-shirt workshop. Save the date!

My goal of avoiding the camera failed spectacularly! (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)
You can connect with the Fashion Hound via her Website, Facebook and Twitter.

The Red Threads store in Paddington has everything from clothing, accessories, shoes and even books! (Photo credit: Bryan Marden)


  1. Awesome post Kendall. It makes me look at thrift shopping in a whole new light! I have shared it with my readers. Thanks Shelley

    1. Hiya Shelley! You'll have to come along to the next one :D

      Thanks SO MUCH for sharing with your readers :D x


  2. Such an amazing article honey - Thank you for the support x

    1. Hi Faye! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my write-up of your eco-awesome event :) x Looking forward to the next one :D

  3. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. What a great concept. Hopefully I'm free on 11 September, I would love to do this:) x