Thursday, 28 July 2011

People Tree + Emma Watson = A Stylish Partnership

Once upon a time, the name Emma Watson conjured images of Hogwarts School of Magic, Hermione Granger and magical adventures. Today her name is synonymous with ethical fashion and eco-chic style. 

In 2010 Emma partnered with Fair Trade clothing label People Tree to create a line of young, hip, ethical attire. Think youthful, clean, classic and playful. 

Some of my favs include:

Madison Stripe Playsuit - 100% organic Fairtrade certified cotton & Soil Association certified. Yes it's true, I'm loving playsuits...they're so cute and so comfy!
Swallow Felt Brooch - Made in Nepal. Adorable and unique!
I Love FT Tee - Heck yeah! Accessorise with a big fat grin :D
Sophie Dot Skirt - Hand woven mini-skirt made in Bangladesh. Paired with a white linen top or a fitted vest top for a more casual look...gorgeous!

Louise Camisole Shorts Set - Comfy nightwear that doesn't sacrifice the cute-factor!

Check out Emma's clothing line on People Tree for more!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Style with Heart

Love shopping online but having trouble finding somewhere that's ethical, funky and has a diverse range? Look no further! Check out the awesomeness that is Style with Heart!

I adore browsing through the amazing eco-riffic selection that Style with Heart has brought together. According to the team, all of the featured companies"...have been carefully chosen based on their ethical and/or eco principles. But not at the cost of beauty, quality or originality..." Another bonus is the environmental and ethical news tidbits you can also find on Style with Heart!

Some of my current favourite items found through Style with Heart include:

Water Lily Linen French Shorts by ethical lingerie label LuvaHuva - I think these bedtime shorts are ADORABLE as well as looking super comfy!
Roman Gladiator-inspired Cork Vegan Sandal with Floral Design by Po-Zu Ecological Footwear - I love that not only is this label ethical, it's also extremely out-of-the-box with its unique design aesthetic!
Organic Black Romper by Earth Couture - Simple, classic, comfortable and fun!
New organic cotton Bottletop Band Vest illustrated by Jim Stotten paired with the 3 Ring-Pull Bottletop Belt - Recycling made oh-so chic!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Breaking Heels 3: Hair Show Review

The evening of Thursday 30th July marked the 3rd in a series of fashion shows organised by the Breaking Heels team of Gwen Fong and Rachel Fairfax. 

This show focused on hair, makeup and nail design. Breaking Heels 2 was very much geared towards ready-to-wear styles, however this time designers were given free reign to express themselves as creatively as possible!

On the night there were three design teams showcasing their imagination, style and skills. These were the Jade VIP team, Melissa of Point Beauty Salon and the glamour girls of Glamour Hair. 

I arrived at the venue early so that I could chat with some of the designers and models before the show. I was amazed to discover that NONE of the girls were professional models and most had never hit the catwalk before in their lives! 

Me backstage with one of the gorgeous models
Backstage was a-buzz with aniticipation, a few nerves and lots of excited enthusiasm as the newbie models were transformed by hair, make-up and nail artists. A representative of the Jade team explained that the emphasis of the night was on FUN just as much as fashion.

The atmosphere was electric!
Backstage at Breaking Heels 3
Melissa of Point Beauty Salon
This was the first time that Lisa had done anything like this before! She explained that she was both nervous and excited to participate in the show. Lisa was styled by Melissa from Point Beauty Salon
Catching up with the stylists from Glamour Hair
"The Glamour Girls" featuring Gwen, Kay, Kamni, Lucy, Taufa & Folaunga

The team from Glamour Hair were quick to let me know that they believe Fiji needs more creative outlets like Breaking Heels for designers all kinds and for them to be held on a regular basis. I couldn't agree more!  

Myself and the gorgeous Maeva Lum On - check out that amazing hair!
More amazing hair
All nail art was by Jade VIP artists
Breaking Heels models during their practice session
 The show was broken up into three major segments. First up was the opportunity for all of the hair designers to really showoff their talents as they sent their models down the catwalk sporting unique hair-styles. 

Jade VIP:

Loved this effortless look!

Jade VIP desinger Stan Lee

Point Beauty Salon:

Point Beauty Salon Girls + designer Melissa
Glamour Hair:

I adore this punk Princess Leia look! Very harajuku girl :o)

Glamour Girls
Next up was the interactive portion of the evening, with stylists coming up on stage to create three distinctive looks right in front of our eyes. 
Jade VIP Team
Team Glamour
While this was happening, co-organiser and fashion designer Rachel Fairfax gave a t-shirt cutting demonstration with the help of some volunteers from the audience. Rachel explained that it was easy to create a funky top using only a simple baggy black t-shirt, a good pair of scissors and some flair!

Designer and co-founder of Breaking Heels, Rachel Fairfax, explains the interactive portion of the evening to the audience

The final item on the program was the bridal finale, with hair, makeup, nails and dresses in a wide variety of styles including Indian, Gothic, European and Fijian. Which styledo you like best?

Simply gorgeous traditional Indian bridal wear!
The necklace dazzled under the catwalk lights!

Loved the juxtaposition of frills + kickass boots
Dramatic make-up gives this looks an edge
A stylish & unexpected addition to a bridal collection
Fantastic hair!
Is it just me or does this dress scream "Disney Princess"?
ADisney Princess with a Dargon Tattoo that is...

Special thanks to my photographer & partner Ryan Collins!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been invited to collaborate with the Breaking Heels team on an eco-fashion themed show! Stay tuned for more information and feel free to get in touch if you're based in Oceania and would like to be involved.