Monday, 17 November 2014

Ethical Shoes to Put a Spring in Your Step!

The topic of this post was determined via a vote from you - my awesome readers! So thanks to popular demand, here is a round-up of animal-friendly shoes that look great and will help you tread lightly on the planet.

Lion in Mint Floral Court Shoes by Beyond Skin -I'm such a fun of this colour combination! These lovely vintage-inspired vegan shoes have been handmade in Spain using sustainable materials crafted under fair working conditions
Gogo Bootie by Charmone - These meticulously crafted cruelty-free booties have been made under fair working conditions in Italy. Charmone as a brand is also committed to maintaining an environmentally-friendly supply chain
Heera Pumps by Love Is Mighty - I was blown away by these innovative and super chic heels. Artisans have created these beautiful shoes using reclaimed biscuit wrappers! Featured at NY Fashion Week last year, they're proof that high fashion and ethics can be compatible
Desert Boots by Hooves - This style of shoe has stood the test of time! They were first worn by British Army soldiers serving in the Western Desert campaign in North Africa during World War II. Now you can own your very own cruelty-free versions
Aika Opentoe Oxford by Cri de Coeur - I'm loving the cool retro vibe emanating from the sustainable fabric print! These funky shoes were made in a sweatshop-free facility in China
Hi-Top Trainers by Inkkas - Your casual shoes don't have to be ordinary looking! Case in point, check out these vibrant handmade hi-tops crafted using traditional authentic South American textiles. Not only are these shoes fair trade and vegan, a portion of the proceeds go to charities protecting the Amazon rainforest!

The Grace in Bali Flowers Ballet Flat by The People's Movement - So much pretty! These ecochic flats have been lovingly made using organic cotton canvas, natural dyes and water-based glues. This brand is highly committed to the fight against single-use plastics, and a portion of their sales go directly to the Plastic Pollution Coalition
Women's Brogues in Chestnut by Wills - Effortlessly classic style is paired with burnished Italian faux leather to create something special. Made under ethical conditions in Portugal
Estee Wedge by OKA b - Fun and vibrant these fancy flip-flops exude summertime vibes! OKA b also practices continuous loop recycling of their shoes
Sunny Yellow by Luludu - I find these crocheted shoes absolutely mesmerizing in their prettiness! Handmade under fair conditions by artisans in Cambodia, each pair takes approximately 8 hours to create
The Guerra + Sara Hi-Top by Keep - It's no surprise that I'm loving this print featuring cats meowing in different languages =^..^= These cruelty-free kicks are strictly limited edition!
Ninja Heels by Olsen Haus - These colours are so delicious! Olsen Haus prides itself on being a champion of animal rights, sustainability and fair trade

Billy Brown Booties by Elizabeth Detroit - These super urban chic handmade booties are amazingly created using recycled plastic! Elizabeth supports a variety of animal welfare organisations through her brand
Black and White Earthwise Classics by TOMS - These wear everywhere shoes have an upper made from 77% hemp and 23% recycled plastic. Plus with each pair you buy, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need
Clog in Slate Cork and Dark Wood by Sydney Brown - Intriguingly stylish, these clogs have been handmade from sustainable materials such as cork and coconut. Sydney Brown is a strong advocate of 'cradle to cradle' production, minimizing any impact on the environment

On a final note - I would love to see all vegan shoe brands (including those above) disclosing even more detailed information on the source and production of the materials used in creating their cruelty-free shoes. 



  1. Great Post! I'm in love with several :-) #almostpresenttime #christmasiscoming

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks so much for dropping by :D Glad you enjoyed the awesome ethical shoes!

      KBC x

  2. You're welcome dear Kendall, I plan to read your blog more often! #goodstuff #nicereading

  3. OHHH! I love this! I just came across a bunch yesterday and put them in my ethical fashion cyber monday sales page. :) Oh, if you like Inkkas, you should check out Mipacha too. They are like Inkkas but more boho then skater. :) Okiedokie. We connected on Twitter, but I am now connecting with you on your blog. Following you!

    I look forward to your visit!

    Blessings and happy Advent,

    1. Hi Christine! :)

      So glad you enjoyed the ethical shoe round-up! I'll definitely check out Mipacha :D

      KBC x

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