Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sustainable Fashion Label Sara C - 'Nature Lust' SS13 Collection

Last year I introduced you to a fabulous ethical designer with a passion for prints - Sara Cohen. Almost 12 months on I decided it was time to see what new and exciting eco-design adventures were afoot at Sara C label, so I recently caught up with Sara herself to find out! 

Q. What’s been happening at Sara C since we spoke last October? 

We’ve been rather busy since we last spoke. We have spent our time honing what we’re currently doing - sourcing the right fabrics, getting the shapes right, and designing lots of new fabulous prints. In May we launched our new collection Nature Lust, which has gone down a storm. 

And we’ve also just finished designing our new collection for next Summer. So lots more colourful, bold, vibrant prints coming your way. 

Q. How would you describe your latest collection SS13 Nature Lust? 

As naturalist John Muir once said, 'In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks.' 

My new collection Nature Lust is inspired by the simple things we see everyday in nature.  The simple stories and shapes we find in flowers and trees, but don't really see. These graphic natural shapes infused with bright washes of colour to bring you a colourful collection of nature's best. 

The prints that make up the new collection are vibrant and colourful with rich blues, oranges and yellows. We have also broadened out our range to include camisoles, shift dresses, slip dresses and maxi dresses.
You can read about the inspiration behind each print here!

Q. Why do you think colour plays such a vital role in your design?

I have always had a love of colour. For me colour has the ability to transform how your feel and put a smile on your face. My vision has always been to design prints that add a little to everyday life. 

Q. What’s on the horizon for Sara C? 

We have just finished designing our new SS14 collection. You can expect to see some exciting new prints and some fabulous new shapes. 

After that, well we have big dreams to grow the Sara C name and share our love of nature. So we’ll have to keep you posted.  

You can connect with Sara C via their Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


  1. Love reading your interviews! I love the prints and pops of color.

    1. Thanks SO much Martha :D x

      Sara's nature-inspired aesthetic is just sublime isn't it? She's chosen a muse with endless diversity :)

  2. Oh these pieces are divine! The third top/dress really speaks to me. Thank you for teaching me about yet another sustainable brand. I love it x

    1. Hiya Ingrid! It's my absolute pleasure to share the stories of these AMAZING designers - I'm in awe of the gorgeous work that people like Sara are producing :D x

      That top you love was inspired by a bunch of flowers Sara bought at a flower market :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Evelyn! I couldn't agree more about the prints - they're just so vibrant and fresh :D x