Friday, 5 July 2013

Kindness by Review: Make Amend

I recently had the pleasure of introducing you to the inspiring young ethical designer Cassandra Pons and her unique label Make Amend. Well to my utter delight I had the opportunity to wear one of her oh so pretty pieces - the Orange Flower Print High Waisted Skirt - while visiting the sunny island of Jamaica!

Cassandra has crafted this super cute skirt from vintage garments and other upcycled materials to create something special (and really comfortable!). 

I put this skirt to the test as I strolled about Falmouth during the hottest part of the day - but the material was so light and cool that I never felt uncomfortable.

To be honest I'm usually not a massive fan of bows on my clothing BUT I actually think this sweet non-obtrusive lace bow-tie is a lovely detail. 

I chose to wear this skirt in a relaxed casual way but you could easily turn it into a party skirt with the right ecochic heels and pretty white top. 

So if you're looking for an outfit that's fashion-forward, feminine, easy to wear and also happens to be eco-friendly, then you're really going to love Make Amend's collections!  

Ps: Like the top I'm wearing? Stay tuned...

Photography: Ryan Collins


  1. Replies
    1. Hi October! Thank you - I couldn't agree more :D Her work is just so lovely :D x

  2. That print is adorable. Betsey Johnson-esque yet eco! love!

    1. Heya Angela! :D So glad you like it too - the print is so fun and cheerful :) x

  3. Jamaica!!!!? I'm oh so jealous.

    Love the skirt and the history behind it. You have to frame the bottom picture, the colours in it are spectactular x

    1. Hiya Ingrid! We had a ball there! The people were SO lovely (don't even get me started on the awesomeness that is the Jamaican accent!)- learned a lot about the natural landscape while floating down a river in inflatable tubes eating oranges straight from the tree :D

      I'm so glad you like the skirt! It's so lovely to wear :) Cassandra is a very talented young designer indeed.

      KB x