Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Kindness by Review: Surrender Apparel

When Julie Belic - a designer with degrees in sustainable fashion and international development - turned to yoga during a stressful point in her life, she soon realised there wasn't anything out there that she wanted to wear to classes.

"I didn't want that gym bunny, shiny legging look. I wanted what I wore to yoga to be more seamless with my everyday clothing..." says Julie. In 2012 she took a bold step forward and founded Surrender yoga apparel for men and women, produced ethically in Bali.

I was delighted to have been contacted by Julie, asking me to review one of her brand new sustainable botanically-dyed tops. Let's see how it fares during my 'yoga road test' ;-)

My sea green top has been dyed using the leaves and roots of mango and indigo, this means the pigment will fade over time. It's recommended that you wash on a cool gentle setting and dry in the shade. 

According to Julie, "Botanical dyes lighten the footprint of the garment during construction...As the greatest environmental impact of a garment occurs during its use by the consumer in laundering, using botanical dyes encourages the consumer to wash gently and therefore reduces the impact of the garment".

I seriously liked the fact that I felt both comfortable and secure in this top. It didn't pinch anywhere but it also wasn't gaping or shifting about during my more active moves! You don't need your yoga session to turn into an impromptu strip tease!

Made from 95% Modal and 5% Spandex, this top flexes nicely with your body while feeling lovely and soft.

Within the next five years, Surrender aims to be partnered with an Non-Governmental Organisation and have a strong social enterprise dimension to the label. I personally would love to hear more about the individual makers in Bali, perhaps with the addition of a 'Meet the Makers' type resource on their website. It's clear from talking to Julie that she's committed to Surrender becoming a brand that's increasingly transparent, sustainable and community-oriented as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

For my lucky Australian and New Zealand based readers, Surrender is giving you the chance to WIN your very own botanically-dyed yoga top from the new collection!

To enter simply:

1. Leave a comment below on this post telling me what yoga means to you

2. Click on the Rafflecopter widget to officially enter the competition and to gain access to additional chances to win

The competition will run until 10:00 am (AEST) on Thursday 19th March 2015, and is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

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  1. Without yoga, I would have less. Yoga means health to me, physical, spiritual and mental. Three years ago a virus nearly killed me and yoga is helping me restore the health I lost and live peacefully through a challenging time. My health is a treasure and every day I'm grateful to yoga, even on days where yoga nidra is all my body can do.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these delish garments.
    To me, yoga is focus. It focuses my mind on stillness, space and breath; my body on stillness and movement at the same time!
    I really notice how my focus and balance changes when I'm not doing yoga.
    Happy mindfulness Kendall :)

  3. Yoga means fitness & relaxation.

  4. Yoga means I can still claim to 'exercise' without ever doing a single scrap of cardio. Yoga gives me a smiling mind :)

  5. Aligning with the Sanskrit meaning of Yoga, I feel that Yoga it is a way towards union; union between not only mind and body (in the physical manifestation that is predominant in the West) but also spiritually, where it can be a means to connect with higher consciousness and the hum of the Universe.

  6. Yoga is my path to inner silence, peace, love, grace, compassion and all the good things about myself and humanity. It helps me re-group by connecting mind, body and spirit in an holistic way by dissolving stress, anxiety, expectations and judgements… bringing my focus back to the present and helping me surrender to what is.

  7. Yiga is my solace. The place I find the strength to live my truth every day, to be kind to myself, loving and supportive of my family, and to live gently on this earth.

  8. Kindness is bridge that connecting all beautiful souls,,,