Friday, 13 December 2013

Checking It Twice Will Keep You Off the Naughty List!

Want to guarantee your place on the nice list this holiday season? Checking It Twice is a free service that will help you do just that! An initiative of Ethical Consumers Australia - this great site provides no-cost personalised gift advice for those who care about people and the planet.

According to their spokesperson Gordon Renouf, "Christmas is not just about getting, it’s also about choosing gifts which show you care. Gifts that send a powerful message about your values to the recipient and also have a positive impact on the wider world”. 

So how does it all work? Start by browsing their existing list of curated gifts for good. Then you can send the team information on: who the gift is for; your budget; the issues you care about; and even the sort of present you already have in mind. After that you can just sit back and relax and the team will contact you within a few hours of your submission with two or three gift suggestions which match your needs. These new ideas are then put on the website to help others make better gift decisions.

Here are just a few of my favourite gift suggestions from the site:

Children's Workshop at Reverse Garbage - This program aimed at young kids shows how fun being green can be! Each child takes home an eco-toy that they've made themselves :)
Upcycled iMac Pet Bed - This example from Atomic Attic comes complete with slipcover and fluffy cushion for added kitty comforts!
Triangle Shard Skateboard Necklace by Deadwood Creative - These super tasty looking pendants have been lovingly hand-crafted from pieces of broken skateboard. They also come in their own recycled paper pouch!
Black Hitops from Etiko - A great choice for the chic man! Not only do these shoes look good, but they're a triple threat as well >> sustainable, fairtrade AND vegan :)

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