Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kindness by Review: Kofü Ecodesign

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of interviewing ethical jewellery designer Valérie Fréchette. She spoke to me about the art of upcycling and her love of vintage aesthetics. 

Now I'm so happy to share a closer look at one of her lovely handmade pieces - modeled by my dear friend and talented artist Lara Beeston.

At the heart of sustainability in fashion - lies versatility, which is one of the great things about these stunning earrings. You can wear them for a whimsical touch during the day and then transition effortlessly into a glamorous nighttime look!

I love the contrast of the playful owl pendant and the sophisticated vintage lace. Thanks to her environmentally friendly methods, most of Valérie's designs are limited editions and some are one of a kind. 

This uniqueness, coupled with the designer's exquisite taste, gives you the opportunity to own something truly exceptional AND ecochic! 

If that's a prospect that appeals you, I'd recommend a visit to Kofü Ecodesign :) 

Photo Credit: Andrew Beeston



  1. o my god...these are so cute!!
    and you look are pretty :) loved your blog!!

    1. Hi Charu!! They really are such cute earrings aren't they? It's such a bonus to know that they've been crafted in an eco-friendly way :)

      I'm delighted that you're enjoying Kindness by Design!

      KB x

  2. Kendell...these earrings are like boon for the eyes..I fall in love the moment I saw!!
    and you are right after knowing that they've been crafted in an eco-friendly way I love them even more :)