Monday, 17 June 2013

Always Take the Weather with You

Here in Sydney, Australia, over the past few weeks the weather has shifted from sunny, dry and warm to dark, wet and cold - with a few variations in between! It's been hard to know what the day will bring - and this has catapulted the weather to the forefront of my mind, inspiring me to curate this unique collection of ethical items. So pop on your raincoat, sunglasses, gloves, hat and a warm-ish jacket and enjoy :-)

Silver Lightning Bolt Earrings by Dogeared - These recycled silver earrings are sure to add some electricity to your ensemble!
Stormy Weather Earrings by Plastic Bat - These fabulous handmade earrings by independent artist Tracy Romaszkiewic, are sure to make you smile no matter the weather!

Thunder Cloud Tee by Rapanui - This organic meteorologically inspired cotton tee will make a man look good come rain or shine

Cloud Earrings by Epheriell - Dreamy yet modern, these handmade 100% recycled sterling silver earrings are a delight!

1965 'Our Weather' Book from Sandshoe Vintage Prints - Give your kids (or yourself!) a truly kitsch treasure with this illustrated vintage book about the science of weather 
Delilah Storm Cloud Minidress by Nancy Dee - Chic yet cheeky, this party dress is perfect for dancing up a storm! Made from 95% organic cotton
Raindrop Bamboo Socks by Rapanui - When it's cold and dreary outside you can be sure to keep your feet snug in these pretty bamboo and organic cotton socks!

Upcycled Cloud Cushion from Eco Chic - You will find so many comforts on rainy days with this cuddly cushion! Cleverly handmade from vintage blankets and filled with fibre made from recycled plastic bottles
Raindrop Stud Earrings by Go Gin Gin Jewellery - These dainty raindrops are so sweet! You'll be singing in the rain with these 100% reclaimed and recycled silver earrings :)

Rainy Day Fund Coin Purse by Blue Q - Who knew saving for a rainy day could be so cute? This super fun vegan purse is made from 95% post-consumer material
Head in the Clouds Tee by Pini Piru - Sweetly surreal, this 100% organic and fair trade cotton kids tee puts the fun back into drizzly weather and puddles. Loving the Dr Seuss vibe!
Recycled Cloud Necklace by Factory on the Moon - Handcrafted from recycled magazines, this one of a kind accessory is a bold choice that will endanger you with a steady rain of compliments!
Lightning Cloud Notelets by Earth Greetings - Now you'll never write a boring note again with these beauties full of 'zizz' and 'pow'! Made from 100% post-consumer waste
Colour Spectrum Cloud Brooch by Jetta's Nest - Not every cloud is a stormy one! Handmade from vintage and salvaged timber and decorated with unique designs, this brooch will be a silver lining to any outfit
Vintage 'I Don't Care For Chilly Weather' Postcard from Plaid Pearls - Sometimes you just get fed up with cold weather, but this fab vintage postcard from 1912 will remind you that it's the perfect time for cuddling up close :)
Rainbow Cascading Brazilian Beleza Bracelet + Necklace by Live Worldly - Both literally and metaphorically, after the rain comes the rainbow! Handcrafted by artisans in Brazil, these beautiful pieces of Acai seed jewellery are skillfully created using techniques that take decades to learn
Laughter is the Sun Wall Print by Eco Jot - If you've got laughter in your life then you can make your very own sunshine no matter what the weather! This poster made from 100% post-consumer recycled material

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather"

~John Ruskin

My little Teddy Cat enjoys a lull in the rain =^..^=

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