Saturday, 19 January 2013

Reinvigorate Your Look and Life for an Ecochic 2013

The beginning of a new year is always fertile ground for thinking about concepts such as change, growth and renewal. We've had time to reflect on the year gone by and now there's an opportunity to learn from the past and transform ourselves into the future! It's a time of resolutions. Here are some ethical fashion and design pieces that for me resonate with these exciting themes

The Treasured Tree Pendant by Oak Fine Jewellery - Acorns represent new beginnings and the start of a long journey. This sublime pendant is crafted using fairtrade gold and recycled silver
Make Do and Mend by Rapanui -This is a great philosophy to adhere to in 2013! Before heading out to buy more stuff, why not try your hand at upcycling your existing wardrobe? But when it IS time to splash out and purchase something new this hand-printed, low-carbon and Fair Wear Foundation certified tee is a great choice!
Taua Sneakers in Swedish Blue by Veja - It seems like the changing of one year to another is when people become most conscious of things like eating and exercising. If going for more walks in the great outdoors is one of your resolutions, why not stride about in these super cute trainers. Fairly made in Brazil from organic cotton canvas and sustainably sourced wild rubber
2013 Happiness Calendar by Ecojot - Anytime of year is a good time to renew your commitment to cultivating your happiness! Loving this bright and bubbly calendar made from 100% post-consumer waste, featuring a new design each month to spark your smile
Favorite Raven of Life T' from Voilà by Andréanne - Traditionally the Raven can transform into anything. This eye-catching design by Aboriginal Métis artist David Albert, depicts a the Raven becoming a branch of life. Wearing this organic cotton and bamboo blend tee, might remind you of your own potential for transformation
Brass Charm Bracelet from People Tree - Inspired by the natural world, this charm bracelet evokes images of the unfettered flight and sun-drenched walks in fields of flowers. It's about the simple things in life being the most enriching. This lovely bracelet was made by TARA Projects who support disadvantaged artisans, providing fair wages, education, health schemes and vocational training << things we sometimes may take for granted ourselves
Keep Calm and Rescue On Tees by Hendrick Boards - This is the time of year when you sit back and think about your priorities...what's really important to you? Want to spend more time helping animals in need in 2013? Well this tee is a stylish way to start, with $10 from each purchase going straight to your local animal shelter, rescue or sanctuary
Family Cushion by Paloma Le Sage - By moving back home to Australia my partner and I were making a conscious choice to transform our lives in such a way as to spend more time with family. These handmade linen cushions are not only adorable, but the fiber inside is derived from 100% recycled post consumer PET water bottles! Ps: the concepts of cats and family are synonymous in our household ;-)
Green DNA Micro Loan Tee by The Naked Hippie - I love the idea of altering your very DNA to reflect your passion for treading lightly on the planet. Not only is this cute tee made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester, but The Naked Hippie changes people's lives by investing 100% of it's profits into micro loans that help people in developing countries support themselves and their families by starting or growing small shops and sidewalk businesses
Elephant Paper Journal from Ethical Gifts - There's just so much that's inspirational about this sweet journal. It takes the idea of turning something not so pleasant into something truly positive, in this case elephant dung into pages filled with dreams and goals for the future! The process of producing this special paper is also transforming the relationship between communities in Sri Lanka and the elephants into one that's mutually beneficial
Love Carry All from Hearts - In this time of reflection and beyond, for me, the touchstone is always love. It's the great transformer, with the power to reinvigorate body and soul. In the spirit of love conquers all, this beautiful handmade tote delivers empowerment to women who have escaped the sex trade industry in India. It has been crafted from a combination of jute and recycled sari material

I'd love to hear what's inspiring you so far in 2013!

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