Sunday, 17 June 2012

Heart of Glass

Glass is such an amazing material - it can provide a sense of opaque mystery or be a transparent window to the world. I wanted to explore this ethereal substance and find out how ethical designers were incorporating it into their work. 

Triple Lariat Necklace by Smart Glass Jewellery - Designer Kathleen Plate has crafted this beautiful piece from recycled drink bottle glass
Glass Country Petite Cylinder Vase in Solid Mint from Koch & Co. - I simply adore the colour of this recycled glass vase!
Bottle Bracelets by Dessin Creations - These unique bracelets have been hand-made from  recycled wine and Skyy vodka bottles - upcycling genius!
Recycled Glass Bracelet from the Eden Project - I really like the unusual colour combination. It reminds me of a bright sunny day at the beach turning quickly into a thunderstorm!
Bandejas by designer Lucia Bruni - What a delicious idea for a serving platter! Made from 100% recycled glass
Mason Jar Square Pendant by Bottled Up Designs - This beautiful pendant has been crafted from the base of an old mason jar!
Mediterranean Shades Bracelet by Austin Allen - The artist uses shards of recycled glass to capture the essence of the Mediterranean sand and sea
Lace Coaster Set by Aurora Glass - Made from 100% recycled glass, these coaster make keeping cup rings off your table a very elegant affair indeed :o)
"Duo de coeurs" Necklace by Gontié Paris - This piece of handmade French jewellery is part of a collection of accessories made from recycled Coca Cola bottles! For every piece of jewelry purchased, Gontié Paris will plant a tree :oD
Surf Joy Jewellery Set by Jody Freij-Tonder - I really appreciate the abstract representation of the surf in this handmade set crafted from 95% post-consumer recycled glass
The 'Round' Jewellery Collection by Lucia Bruni and Rosa Martinez Barta - This is a lovely collection of recycled glass jewellery by two Barcelona-based designers
Set of 4 Tumblers by Studio Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden - Loving the simple yet stunning aesthetic of these hand-cut tumblers created from recycled post-consumer wine bottles
African Beaded Necklace from Viva Terra - This earthy necklace consists of recycled glass and ceramic beads and was made by a successful women's collective located in sub-Saharan Mali
Sea Rose by Japonicas - This romantic necklace has handpicked sea glass as its centrepiece
Sea-breeze Earrings from Lucky Waste - I adore the unique shape and colour of these earrings as they reflect the light. Made from a discarded bottle of mineral water - gorgeous!
Earth Beaded Bracelet by Live Green - This lovely bracelet combines recycled glass with wooden beads including an engraved bead representing the globe
Transglass Cut Vase by Artecnica - This amazing functional work of art has been created from a recycled post-consumer wine bottle and now graces the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Now you can grab one for your own home :o)
Sea Glass Bottle Lip Key Ring Charm by Ecstasea - This hand-collected remnant makes me feel all 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!
African Recycled Glass Beads from The Bead Chest - This extremely pretty beads were made by members of the Krobo Tribe located in Ghana using traditional techniques 
Aqua Blue Earrings by Peacock Jewellery - These recycled glass earring would be like wearing beautiful droplets of water
Cornish aqua sea glass cufflinks by Kate Pearse - Fabulously unique cufflinks for the man who loves the ocean!
Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surfaces - How wonderful! If you're in the market for a new kitchen or just a bit of a make-over for your old one, you can order surfaces made from recycled bottles and jars
Mint Chunky Sea Green Recycled Glass Necklace by Ekaterina Velichko - Wear this like a sea-mist floating around your neck
Pure-Bottle by Lucia Bruni - This AMAZINGLY cool handmade fully recycled and recyclable table set contains a tumbler, a lantern and a spoon
Seafoam Sea Glass Pendant from Sea Glass Treasures - This ethereal looking piece of sea glass was collected on the shores of Canada's Prince Edward Island
Bubbled Beverage Dispenser from Anthropologie - Recycled glass has been blown into a beautiful bubble. What a fabulous way to dispense your favourite drinks!
Bombay Sapphire Gin Drip Necklace by Aussie Jules - I'm a big fan of these globules of indulgent sparkling glass crafted from a Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle

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