Thursday, 6 October 2011

Exclusive: Olive & Reg team up with Fairtrade designer Jessica Poole

Kindness by Design is delighted to have this opportunity to be the first to reveal a new collection of Fairtrade and Fairmined gold rings designed by Jessica Poole exclusively for Olive & Reg

Jessica at work in her London studio
It's wonderful to see designers with a passion for producing gorgeous ethical pieces, combining beauty with heart. In her own words, Jessica strives "...for elegant simplicity in my jewellery that I hope will be ageless and endure the fickle nature of fashion". Her unique design aesthetic is influenced by sensuous forms and clean lines. 
A beautiful example of Jessica's strength in designing fluid & elegant forms - this Fairtrade & Fairmined eco white gold ring is my personal favourite!

Here's a breakdown of what makes these rings so eco-tastic:
  • The gold used to create Jessica’s collection is from Oro Verde in the Chocó Bioregion of Columbia and is certified Ecological Fairtrade Fairmined;
  • Eco Fairtrade gold is alluvial gold found in riverbeds and is extracted without the use of chemicals;
  • No mercury or cyanide is used to process the gold;
  • The communities employ a range of inherited ancestral mining techniques that ensure a sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Care is taken to restore vegetation after mining to encourage full recovery of the tropical rainforest terrain;
  • The diamonds and gemstones used in these rings have been sourced following strict social and environmental standards ensuring that both the environment and the people who mine, cut, and craft the stones have been treated with the respect they deserve.
Each gold ring is stamped with the Fairtrade Fairmined logo. Ecological Fairtrade gold also has the word ‘ECO’ next to the logo
Olive & Reg insist on supply chain traceability and believe in honesty, transparency and exceptional quality
Based in the British Isles, Olive & Reg offer an alternative to the big brands and mass-produced jewellery. 

We try to manage our business in a way that is culturally, environmentally and socially responsible and all of our jewellery is created from fairtrade, ethically sourced or recycled materials - Olive & Reg

In the very near future they will be launching their new website, which will feature the full collection. Kindness by Design will be there to bring you an in-depth look at this amazing new label!
Fairtrade Fairmined eco white gold sapphire & diamond ring with polished finish
Fairtrade Fairmined eco yellow gold diamond ring with brushed finish
Fairtrade Fairmined eco yellow gold fire citrine & diamond ring with brushed finish
Fairtrade Fairmined eco white gold diamond ring with brushed finish

You can find Olive & Reg on Twitter!

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  1. Beautiful jewellery. That's the 2nd time this week I've heard of good 'green' things by jewellery-makers... the other was by my friend Annaïg Bidan in her latest Newsletter (here:

  2. Hi Gaby!! Thanks for putting me onto your friend's newsletter :D x

  3. Did you know Solidaridad runs a campaign for "Good Gold" in the Netherlands?

  4. Hi Maarten! Ooooh I didn't know - will have to check it out :o)