Wednesday 22 May 2013

Discover the Universal Language of Colour

Hello there ecofashionistas - I'm back in Australia and incredibly excited to share some of the amazing ethical fashion and design I came across during my travels through the Americas over the next month!
My partner captured the vibrancy of colourful Cartagena in Columbia during our recent visit (Photo: Ryan Collins)
One aspect of South America in particular that really resonated with me, was the abundant use of vibrant colour. This fearless approach to bold pigments is the inspiration for this ecochic round-up :)

Orange sentanite by Lollywatch - I can't get enough of this juicy shade of orange! This watch has been made from a sustainable material called sentanite, and a tree is planted for every watch sold
Yellow Shine Bracelet by Tangelo Tree - How could you not feel energised by the electric use of colour in this limited edition handmade accessory? :D

Azure Cuff Collar Tee by WildTrim - Something about this unique upcycled tee makes me feel like holidays!
Red Piper Loafers by Neu Aura - These luscious vegan shoes will put the twinkle back into your toes! Not only are they oh so pretty - they were also made in a factory which complies to eco standards in recycling and non-use of toxic chemicals
Fair Trade Kidogo Shorts by Lalesso - These shorts are the fashion equivalent of drinking a girly cocktail with an umbrella in while lounging on a tropical island! Lovingly made in Kenya under fair trade conditions benefiting the local communities
1970s Take Me to the Open Air Cinema Dress from Hills Hoisted - This vintage dress simply oozes delightfulness! Making the sustainable choice never looked prettier
Furoshiki Wrap Bag by AnnySchoo - This Japanese-inspired design has been handmade from vegan and 100% biodegradable eco-linen
Hibiscus Sleeveless Elsa Dress by Elsa & Me - This meticulously constructed shift dress has been created using 100% organic cotton twill. A fabulous feature are the side pockets :)
Moroccan Boucherouite Rug from State of Green - Designed and crafted by artisans in Morocco, this visually appealing rug is made from sustainable materials such as recycled cotton and other fabric offcuts
Marlene Dress by MuMu Organic - This stunning organic cotton dress in the guise of wearable sunshine was designed and crafted in Greece
Butter Bar Stool from Design by Them - This super stylish sustainable stool has been made entirely out of post-consumer materials derived from recycled milk cool is that?!
Skateboard Bracelets by Red Seed Studio - These rainbowlicious bracelets were once components of broken skateboards on their way to the tip! Happily instead of languishing on the rubbish heap, they've been given a new life as pretty arm candy
Antique Doily Peter Pan Collar Dress by Where Clothes - This fun-loving upcycled outfit has a vibrancy and playfulness that goes hand in hand with its one of a kind status
Brigid Bumblebee Sandals by Colourful Grass - Not only are these sandals eye-poppingly funky, they're also made from sustainable recycled and vegan materials...WIN!
Toza Tote Bag from Intrinsic Styles - This is such a smiley stylin' bag! Made from traditional Kenyan cloth by members of the Mathare Women’s Rehabilitation Center, which provides support to young women and single mothers
Mariama Festival Tulip Skirt from House of Beth - This effervescent skirt is constructed of material from Sierra Leone by children from the EducAid charity. House of Beth will give 70% of the profits from the sale of this skirt to EducAid to support their work educating underprivileged children from war-torn areas
Go Green Vintage Sunglasses from Hearts - It's astounding how many fabulous items are unnecessarily sent to landfill each year! Thank goodness the clevers at Hearts saved these super trendy vintage specs for your luminous fashion pleasure
Recycled Sari Scarf from Live Worldly - Whether you need a radiant covering on a day at the beach or a splash of colour to brighten your winter outfit, this ecochic accessory has got you covered! The icing on the top is that some of the proceeds from your purchase will  help Water for People bring clean, sanitized water to communities across India


  1. I love color so much on other people, but I really feel so much more me in blacks and greys usually =) I have been trying to branch out more in the past year or so.

    1. Well it is hard to go wrong with classic black pieces :D E.g.

      You could always experiment with accessories in bold pigments to complement your chic black or grey ensemble :D